Wells Drilling in Costa Rica

Wells Drilling in Costa Rica Also: Foundations Piles Drilling, Installation of Submersible Pumps ,Well Cleaning with compressed air, Permits, Piezometers .


Perforaciones Aragonés is a company dedicated to Water Well Drilling in Costa Rica, founded by Mr. Eddie Fernández Aragonés in 1984.After graduating as a geologist at the University of CR, specializing in Hydrogeology at Universities in Spain and Italy and working at ICE, Don Eddie decides to undertake and thus design and weld (himself), his first drilling machine, with which He first ventured into the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica, where he was very successful building his first wells.Over time, Don Eddie finds good drillers and trains them in different areas such as drilling, electricity and welding. He also gets better machinery, trucks and asks his wife Lilly Fernández for support, - who is an orderly and diligent woman -, thus achieving, expand the company and drill throughout the national territory.In 2011, Don Eddie's health is complicated and unexpectedly passes away. Lilly Fernández does not allow the company to fall and decides to take the reins. With great intelligence, he makes decisions with order and vision, restructures all operations and thus manages to continue working the company effectively and efficiently.

services and prices

Water Well Drilling
  • $ 250/ linear meter inside the GAM
  • $ 300 / linear meter outside the GAM
To this price must be added the purchase and installation of the submersible pump.
Foundation piles
$ 40 / linear meter with 30 cm diameter pipe
$ 60 / linear meter with pipe from 40cm to 60cm in diameter.
Installation of Submersible Pumps
The pump is purchased and installed, including black iron tubing, electrical cord, and accessories.
Pump purchase and installation price: $ 4000
Procedures (Permits)
The following permits are issued for water well drilling:
  • MINAE Water Department
Price of permits and paperwork: $ 9000
Well cleaning with compressed air
Maintenance is given through cleaning with compressed air, following these steps:
  • The pump, tubing and accessories are removed.
  • Cleaning is done with compressed air.
  • Everything is reinstalled.
Price of cleaning the well or full capacity: $ 3000
Piezometers are requirements of the Costa Rican government for gas stations in the country.
They must have 3 piezometers or perforations 8 meters deep and 6 inches in diameter with PVC pipe. Wells are engraved.
Price: $ 2600 for all 3 piezometers


  • 2 Bucyrius Erie 22 W drills (both mounted on VOLVO trucks, model 1995.)
  • 2 rotary drills, type MOBILE Drill B-40, which can be used with rotary with mud, or with the "auger" system (screw without without).
  • Another smaller "Hidra-Drill" type rotary drill.
  • 15 KW Diesel Generator.
  • 3 trucks of 2.5 tons, all recent models
  • 2 four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Submersible pumps for pumping tests.
  • Own building, located in San José, Paseo Colón area, La Pitahaya neighborhood


Please write to us, if you have any question or if you would like a quote. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Or if you prefer, you can send us a WhatsApp , to the number +506 8828-5110.